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heyyyyyyyyyy?1!!! do you want my witches musical bootlegs? (I have complete audio and almost complete video except for the end of act 1 🥲) btw your don’t stop me page is super useful tsym!!



*takes a deep breath*

I'm so glad my Don't Stop Me pages are helpful!!! There's just so little info out there, even among malloysical fans, so I'm glad I can help people get into the show.

If you see this before you find it, I sent you an email!

- Asterion


hellooo i am leaving you a gift ;)


- slim

For me???

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Ice Cream (cookie dough)
Exploring the World of E-Ink
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- Asterion


We got our first letter!

Hi! I think you're super cool! Where'd you get your piercings? they're so big :)

- goob

Thanks goob, I think you’re super cool too :D

All my ear piercings were done at home by a friend of mine- don’t do this at home, kids! We were halfway through punching the second ear when we realized- she was out of earrings to put through them! The safety pins were the first thing we could find so we shoved them in. It’s a miracle they didn’t get infected! Sorry, maybe that’s a little much :p - but when they healed I just swapped them out for brand new ones.

My nose ring I’ve had since I was a calf. I hated it for a while, but I’ve decided to embrace it in an ironic sort of way. Can’t control this bovine! I bought myself this big shiny one to match to rest of my metal.

Snack of the day: Video of the day:
Hawaiian mac salad
Minecraft doesn't need you.
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Thanks for writing in! Drink water, stretch your legs, and have a great day :D
- Asterion