Stage and Animatronic update!

Aster's stage was set in against the wall of the store entrance, the first thing you'd see while walking towards the Daedalus Games storefront. Behind him he had a 2D painted wood backdrop of fake shelves, lined by carved foam "stones" that were painted purple to match the palette of the magazine and merchandise. He was sat behind a wooden fake cashier's counter, complete with register. The front of the counter also had painted-on shalves stocked with fake snacks and games.

There was no barrier between patrons and this counter.

The top of the counter was five feet high, to make it difficult for people to lean over and see the bottom half of the animatronic. Even so, a sheet of fabric was spanned underneath the base of the animatronic to hide the mechanism underneath, but this wouldn't be seen by most people unless they were trying to peer over.

The cashier and fake snacks on the counter were also carved from foam and painted, they were also of course glued down.

The animatronic itself had six different movements:

  • Body rotation
  • Left arm up and down (slight rotation)
  • Head rotation
  • Jaw open and closed
  • Eyelids open and closed
  • Ears wiggling

His full body rotation was limited by his right arm being attached to the counter. The right arm was just loose structure covered in fabric, with a solid carved paw. The left arm rotated slightly as it raised so he could bring the chip bag to his mouth.