Dave Malloy

(DISCLAIMER! This is a Dave Malloy fansite. His real website is here)

I first discovered Dave Malloy's work in 2018 from a cool trans person I met at my parent's college reunion and never saw again! They asked me if I had listened to a show called Ghost Quartet, and as soon as I listened (a few times) I was obsessed. Thats kind of how it goes with his work, it doesn't usually hook you until a few listens. Anyway, from there I moved on to Preludes, tried out Great Comet, and became fully invested when Octet and Moby Dick premired. Even listening to the bootlegs long before albums came out (and we STILL haven't gotten a Moby Dick album).

During the pandemic, we found a lot more information and materials from Don't Stop Me, launching it from a show whose demos I had listened to a few times into one of my favorites. Clown Bible and Beowulf soon followed.

He has multiple shows in the works, including an adaptation of The Witches by Roald Dahl which just closed in London, and a show about the pandemic called Three Houses which will be premiering off-Broadway spring of 2024, which I am going to see!!! Earlier this year I also saw the most recent production of Don't Stop Me at YMTC. It was the most exciting theater expeirence I've ever had.

Another aspect of his work I've fallen in love with is his blog. The stream-of-conciousness writings are just so captivating to read, and just connect to something inside me I haven't seen anywhere else. I've also got a seperate page specifically for collecting quotes from it that I enjoy. His website is a delicious example of old-school html he coded himself (he uses tables for his layout... c'mon Dave...).

"remember, remember, when the artist was an anonymous drunkard, unwashed and unshaven, slaving over their sculptures in a bubonic haze, begging their dinner of meat on the bone, crusts and rotten cabbages, and in the moonlight sleeping with blossoming blushing barkeeps on beds of stolen wine? and never ever once believing that they deserved anything more than this? that anything more was possible, or even desirable?

perhaps: artists dont actually, really deserve to be paid for their work, any more than the bleeding mother deserves payment for her just suddenly breathing child. what is nice and what is deserved, are just, not, the same.

take it! take it! take it!
i dont want it!"

-Dave Malloy

I definitely am obsessed with him a normal ammount and I am not keeping track of all his different program bios that he just uses repeatedly. But come ON, the 2024 Austin production of Great Comet used a bio for him that said he had 14 musicals and cited Moby Dick as his upcoming project (which came out in 2019). Compared to the 2023 Witches program which says he has 17 shows and cites Three Houses as his next project!