Clown Bible

(DISCLAIMER! This is a Dave Malloy fansite. His real website is here)

I don't need a bunch a rules on how to live my life, I just want to know why to live at all
- Judas, Clown Bible

Clown Bible I love you!!!!!!

It's both exactly what it sounds like and nothing like you'd expect. Clown Bible is, naturally, the Bible told by clowns! Old through New. But the tone isn't mocking or overly critical of Christianity, it pokes some fun at the stories and their charcaters but always through the sincerity and vulnerability of the classic clown. The music is a little simple, charming we'll call it, but each song is a wonderfull expression of emotion that burrows its way into your bones. They make you want to DANCE! The gospel influence is clear, but not overpowering.

My favrotie part about this show is how the focus is on God as a motherly character, one who created the human race in an attempt to share a piece of herself and see it reflected back at her, but grows angry when she can't control her children. And they love her so much, all they want to do is make her happy.

Unfortunately, partly because the show happened so early in his career (although we have footage from Sandwitch and 99 Cent Miss Saigon), there is zero avalaible footage of Clown Bible. Which SUCKS! I love this show! All we have are the ten song demos from Dave's website. I hope to direct it someday.

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