Moby Dick

a Musical Reckoning

(DISCLAIMER! This is a Dave Malloy fansite. His real website is here)

His last piece before the 2020 shutdown, Moby Dick a Musical Reckoning opened in the winter of 2019. Reviews were... mixed to say that least. While the music and of course the performances got high praise, the show was critisized for it's three-hour runtime, slow third act, and heavy-handed (even mishandled) dealing with racial issues. Essentially, they tried to make and market an anti-racist show, which makes its blunders even more obvious.

I'm not going to get too deep into the issues with the show, I don't think I have a place to speak on it any more than Dave did, but if you're interested I'll be linking some resources. My personal enjoyment of the show is somehwere in the middle. It needs work.

Regardless, I was SUPER hyperfixated on this show when it happened.

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