Feburary 28th 2024

I hate you changing thumbnails and/or titles after a video has been up for a few hours. Congradulations I had it in my watch later but now I want to watch even less. Now you're just clout chasing and desperate.

Uuuh yeah. Going to try to update more here again. I had to take a break from this site to work on my portfolio, since I got that sudden urge to fix it proprly and then had to follow that wave alongside a growing anxiety over finding work. Plus, once I really got into it, I realized just how much of an endeavor that's going to be! Trying to categorize and make a page for every major project I've done since High School. Oh boy. I think I'm at 40-something out of 70-something projects finished-finished there, with a whole lot more that are just halfway. I kinda go through waves of "I need to make money right now" anxiety and "fuck the system I'm going to make ART". Still in the first phase but at least I need to take some time for myself.

If you're keeping track of updates you might notice some new additions to the Dave Malloy section of my shrine! I went to see Don't Stop Me live in person! And so, of course, hyperfixation re-invigorated, it was time to finally fill in some information on the show. With the help of some mutuals, hopefully. It's still a big work in progress, and I'm a little worried what happens if the creators discover I've put the demos on here (though they ARE avaliable publicly through the licensing page website, and there was no warning at ALL not to share them).